Maestro is a multi-functional tubular luminaire available in 2 lengths and wattages. The aluminium end caps can be custom painted and matched to the optional mountings, either ceiling recessed plate or surface mounted ceiling rose. The suspension cable is available in black PVC as standard or white and grey PVC, or various fabric coloured options. Maestro is made from vandle-proof polycarbonate and can also be supplied with a dimmable power supply upon request. Also available is the Maestro for exteriors which can be surface mounted horizontally or suspended vertically as a pendant.


Bucola is a collection of hand crafted floor, wall and suspended luminaires developed as an extension of the Buchi series from the same creators.  The name and design is a fusion of the celestial Buchi Collection and the iconic ‘Cupola’ (Dome) of Italy. From beneath the dome, the light radiates through a stellar created reflector available in finishes of classic white, black or aluminium, or the richness of gold, copper or bronze. Any combination of these finishes is possible for the outer and inner dome and reflector.


Legno is a custom, slimline timber pendant manufactured in Australia.  The length and timber finish is dependant on the project requirements and is available as single, downward emission or dual, up/down emission.  It comes complete with a 2M suspension kit which can be cut to length on-site and can also be ordered with a dimmable power supply.

Cilindro Maxi

Cilindro Maxi is another addition to the extensive Cilindro family of products. A large cylinder shaped pendant, Cilindro Maxi is available in 2 sizes and wattages. A contemporary looking and functional pendant allows it to be used in many varied applications. Matt White and Black are the standard finishes with custom colours and finishes available on request.


Cilindretto is a minimal, cylindrical LED pendant designed and manufactured in Australia. It has a diameter of only 60mm making this fixture a contemporary addition to any interior. Available in 3 lengths and with the option of having it ceiling mounted or suspended, Cilindretto is ideal for use in multiple applications as an individual light source or mounted in a cluster as a statement piece.  Custom lengths and finishes are available for special projects. Cilindretto is also available for use with the a variable White WIFI LED lamp allowing you to dim and change the colour temperate from 2700 – 6500 Kelvin, remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

Amak Pendant

Amak pendant is a tapered, cone-shaped aluminium lamp available in 1, 3 or 7 light configuration. The top of the lamp has some simple detail cut-outs, enhancing the linear design of the lamp. Finishes are, matt white inside/outside and matt black outside/matt white inside with a transparent, prismatic diffuser within the head of the lamp. Available in 3000K warm white.

Cilindro Pendant

Cilindro is a cylinderical pendant available in two sizes and has a recessed LED light source for visual comfort and reduced glare. There are dimmable options available as well as optional custom coloured reflectors for visual distinction. The 72mm diameter version is available standard in 8W dimmable. The 83mm diameter version is standard 13W fixed output with dimmable version on request.


Dome features a spun aluminium shade, die cast aluminium heat sink, integral power supply and stainless steel suspension wires. Energy efficient LED available in 3000K or 4000K colour temperature complete with aluminium reflector to provide excellent glare control and high light output. Both decorative and functional it is ideal for application in Cafés, Restaurants, Pubs, Retail and Public Spaces in Corridors and Walkways.

Quadro Pendant

Quadro features a cube shaped housing with no visible screws or fixings in die cast Aluminium. A proudly modern yet simple design, also available in ceiling mounted version, it can be installed in a single, double or triple configuration creating a dramatic architectural feature. With the LED recessed into the housing and an integral power supply the Quadro pendant is ideal for installation in Restaurants, Cafes, Retail stores, Galleries and Residential projects.