Gatto is a track mounted, LED spotlight ideally used in retail applications, art galleries and museums or wherever a sense of dramatic lighting is required. Resembling a classic theatre/stage light, Gatto is housed in a steel casing and has a powerful 30W LED chip and integral, dimmable power supply. Barn doors are available as an accessory for beam shaping and glare reduction. Available in a standard Matt Black finish, cutom colours are also available on request.


Lava is a compact yet powerful track mounted wall washer. Cleverly designed it is fully adjustable and rotatable with an integral power supply. At 45W Lava provides intense illumination for retail, commercial and gallery applications capable of lighting even the largest spaces.


Shaper is a cylindrical shaped, gallery track fitting in die-cast aluminium. The fitting consists of adjustable blades which allows you to shape the beam according to project requirements. Available in 20W, it is rotatable to 270° and can pivot up to 90°.


Lighting tracks can be used in many and varied applications, from retail stores and art galleries to commercial and residential applications. The advantages of the three-circuit system are its high loading capacity and the flexibility in planning. If lighting requirements change the spotlights can easily be rearranged.
Our lighting tracks are designed for easy surface mounting or recessing and can be suspended at any height. Available in 2 metre lengths, the track can be easily cut on site or joined to form longer lengths or configurations.