Lighting tracks can be used in many and varied applications, from retail stores and art galleries to commercial and residential applications. The advantages of the three-circuit system are its high loading capacity and the flexibility in planning. If lighting requirements change the spotlights can easily be rearranged.
Our lighting tracks are designed for easy surface mounting or recessing and can be suspended at any height. Available in 2 metre lengths, the track can be easily cut on site or joined to form longer lengths or configurations.

Stile LED

The Stile LED T-Bar Louvred Troffer by Sphera has been designed to meet commercial performance standards. It features omni-directional luminance control ensuring high efficiency and even lighting without glare. These lights are ideal in commercial, schools, medical and general public areas where functionality is optimum.


Prado features a compact, cylindrical shaped housing with a fully shielded light source and a hidden mounting bracket. Available in either one way or two way light emission, Prado has an IP54 rating making it suitable for external and internal use. A contemporary modern design it can be used to light stairs, porches, patios, pathways and architectural structures as well as for interior feature lighting.


A compact miniture LED flood light, Square is available in two sizes, wattages and colour temperatures. In addition to its simplicity it also provides versatile options for exterior or interior use with its wall, ceiling or floor mounting capability.