Elle features a two part cylindrical shaped housing in die cast aluminium, opal diffuser and an integral power supply with standard dimming for the 13W and optional dimming for the 20W version.  As a ceiling, wall or track mounted fitting it can also be used as a directional spotlight. The Elle is a versatile fitting that is used in Residential, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial projects.


Aplik a linear housing with an adjustable reflector is available in 4 lengths – 160mm, 310mm 611mm & 912mm. It has a shielded LED light source for reduced glare and visual comfort with a distinctive up, down or two way adjustable emission for mood, wall washer or functional lighting effects.


Mattia is a range of fixed and adjustable LED down lights in die cast aluminium. With a COB LED light source recessed into the housing for reduced glare and visual comfort. Due to the Mattia’s deep outer reflector and dimmable option it is a popular choice in high end residential, multi-storey residential and hospitality projects.


Cilindro is a ceiling mounted cylindrical shaped light. With no visible screws or fixings in turned aluminium, it has a recessed LED light source for visual comfort and reduced glare. There are also optional custom coloured reflectors for visual distinction.  Available in 13W fixed output or 8W dimmable.  It is ideal for installation in Restaurants, Cafes, Retail stores, Galleries and Residential projects.